Fire Breathing Slovakian Locomotive!

Fire Breathing Slovakian Locomotive! | Train Fanatics Videos

This tired looking locomotive definitely has a problem with cold start ups!

Even though the clip says Russian locomotive, this is really a Czech (Czechoslovakia) diesel-electric locomotive engine type 742. 

Built in the Czech Republic, these engines were work horses until the lines were electrified and they were no longer needed.

Apparently, the engineer had trouble with the decompression levers and allowed the combustion to exit through the exhaust.

Bottom line, this diesel engine needs to be overhauled in a serious way!

Quick Facts

  • Train Name: 740 Series engine built between 1973 – 1989
  • Power type: Diesel Electric
  • Builder: CKD Prague, Czechoslovakia
  • Train type: Freight
  • Location: Slovokia, Czech Republic
  • Locomotive weight: 144,000 lbs

Let us know if you have been to Europe of live near rail yards that still have these locomotives!

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