“1928 Silent Film” Shows Steam Locomotive Being Built!

“1928 Silent Film” Shows Steam Locomotive Being Built! | Train Fanatics Videos

A rare find of vintage footage showing this 4-8-4 Northern Class Locomotive #3101 from beginning to end!

In 1928, the Canadian Pacific Railway ordered this locomotive from the Angus Locomotive Shops in Montreal, Canada.

She is a Northern type locomotive which was designated by her 4-8-4 wheel arrangement. The Northern type locomotives became known as “Northerns”after they were first used by the Northern Pacific Railway.

What is amazing about this clip is the detail and the clarity of the old film. It is like taking a fascinating look back into “yesteryear”!

Note: It is supposed to be a silent film, so you if want the full experience you need to turn your speakers off!

The Canadian Pacific Railroad used these engines mainly for fast runs between Montreal and Toronto. The #3101 boasted 3685 horse power and was known as one of the largest and most powerful non-articulated locomotives of her day.

#3101 achieved 25 years of service before she was retired to IPSCO PARK in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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