Dramatic Scenery On The Cajon Pass

Dramatic Scenery On The Cajon Pass | Train Fanatics Videos

The Cajon Pass carries 150 trains per day on average!

The Cajon Pass is the main artery between Los Angeles,the Mojave Desert, and beyond. It serves gauntlet or sorts to freight trains as they must pass through steep terrain both east and west bound.

2.2% and 3% grades can be found on both sides of the tracks which makes it a dangerous situation for engineers. A runaway can occur if the engineer is not careful in handling the brakes. The trains generally ascend at 14-22 mph, and descend 20-30 mph.

Today the Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway (the successor to the Santa Fe) use the pass to reach Los Angeles and San Bernardino as part of the Southern Transcon. The route was first used by Mormon settlers in covered wagons in 1851.

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