Dampflok-German For Steam Locomotive

Dampflok-German For Steam Locomotive | Train Fanatics Videos

German Locomotive DB Class 50 3616 leads military train.

This classic Germansteam (Dampflok) locomotive is seen pulling photo op train loaded with military equipment and troops from Schwarzenberg to Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany. The DB Class 50 3616 locomotive was initially designed prior to World War II in 1939.

Because the design of the DRB Class 50 locomotive was so successful, 3164 of these locomotives were built up until 1959. DB Class locomotive 50 3616 was built in 1956.

The DB Class 50 3616 can be seen traversing the historic Markersbach Viaduct railway bridge. This bridge is also nicknamed the “match stick” bridge because of its appearance. The bridge is approximately 775 feet long and 120 feet in height and is located in Raschau-Markersbach, Germany.

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