CSX Provides A Train Horn Symphony!

CSX Provides A Train Horn Symphony! | Train Fanatics Videos

All it takes is one breakdown, and you have to wait your turn!

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad provide some interesting entertainment on this piece of curved track in Maryland.

CSX 8129 broke down hauling an auto rack of cars. You get to see the jockeying around of engines CSX 8666 and CSX 434 that come to the rescue.

All of this is set on a curve at the Woodstock Road crossing in Maryland , and the crossing gate gets plenty of action!

But wait, there’s more!

Just after CSX 8666 and CSX 434 hook up to the broken down CSX 8129, CSX 894 pulling tank cars with CSX 925 following hauling hopper cars come by making them wait even longer.

This clip has a lot of squealing brakes, horns and radio chatter! A diesel locomotive fan’s dream!

Please let us know if you like diesels! We love all trains!

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