Catskill Mountain Railroad Bad Tracks Ride

Catskill Mountain Railroad Bad Tracks Ride | Train Fanatics Videos

How about a slow ride on the Catskill Mountain Flyer?

These tracks are over 145 years old!

The Catskill Mountain Railroad is a little gem hidden in Kingston, New York, and gives tourist rides at really reasonable prices! Built in 1872, the line originally connected Hudson Valley to the Catskill Mountains as part of the former New York Central Railroad.

Hurricane Irene came along in 2011 and destroyed one of the trestles along with numerous other washouts that left the line in disrepair. Hence the track has never been rebuilt in its entirety.

The excursions cover 5 miles of beautiful scenery from Mount Tramper, NY.

some quick facts about the ALCO S1 #407

  • builder – American Locomotive Company
  • built for the Long Island Railroad Company 1946
  • power – 600 horse power
  • use – switcher, short line hauls and yard work
  • weight 105 tons

Let us know if you ever taken a slow ride on this fast named train! We would to hear about your experience!

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