Canadian Pacific #2816 On Morant’s Curve

Canadian Pacific #2816 On Morant’s Curve | Train Fanatics Videos

CP #2816 follows the scenic Bow River through the Canadian Rockies

Morant’s curve in the Canadian Rockies is a premier spot for railfan photography. It is named after Nicholas Morant, a famous Canadian Photographer.

As a result of the recent merger between the Canadian Pacific Railroad and the Kansas City Southern Railroad, the new flag for the combined companies is the CPKC Railroad.

As part of the celebration of the new merger, CPKC #2816 Hudson type 4-6-4 locomotive is scheduled for a massive roll out tour beginning on April 14,2024. It will depart Calgary and eventually end up in Mexico City.

For more information on the CPKC Final Spike Tour 2024, and the stops along the way on the following link:

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