British Railways 70000 Britannia

British Railways 70000 Britannia | Train Fanatics Videos

The 70000 Britannia hauls “The Cumbrian Guardsman” on tour for the Vintage Trains Limited steam charter!

Set in the beautiful English countryside, this line travels over the famous Settle and Carlisle Railway, renowned for its scenic beauty and rolling hills.

There are fantastic shots of the this locomotive making an impressive climb through the Cragghill Farm towards the ancient stone arches which she passes trough.

Known as the “Brit”, BR 70000 Britannia is a 4-6-2 steam locomotive Class 7 that carries 7 tons of coal to help her maintain her speed.

She can max out at an impressive 75 MPH (120 kph) all the while utilizing her 32,150lbs of tractive effort!

The Brit has meticulously clean lines and an outstanding British Railways Brunswick Green paint job.

The Settle and Carlisle Line was originally constructed in the 1870’s and runs 72 miles connecting Leeds and Carlisle.

The Settle and Carlisle Line was known to be one of the best constructed railway lines in England and crosses some of the most challenging terrain in North England including the Ribblehead Viaduct with its 24 arches.

Today, the Settle and Carlisle Line still carries fright and passengers and often carries tourists and railway enthusiasts on special excursions like this one with the BR 70000 Britannia!

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: British Railways
  • Train Name: BR Standard 70000 Britannia
  • Power type: 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive Class 7
  • Builder and date: British Railways Crewe works, 1951
  • Train type: Freight/Passenger
  • Tractive Effort: 32,150 lbf
  • Maximum Speed: 75 MPH

If you’ve ever taken a ride on the Settle and Carlisle Line let us know in the comments below! Would love to hear about your experience!

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