Record Number Of Railfans Attend Railwatch 2015!

Record Number Of Railfans Attend Railwatch 2015! | Train Fanatics Videos

Forget the game, you gotta tailgate where the trains are!

The real action occurs twice a year in Folkston, Georgia whereby hundreds of true railfans converge on this tiny Georgia town to watch trains go by day and night!

Called “The Folkston Funnel”, this high density rail town plays an important part if you are a true railfan. Since virtually all rail traffic heading to Florida passes through this small town, you can see as many as 60 trains per day heading into and out of Florida!

It’s a real party with lawn chairs, campers, Saturday Night Cookouts, and even a photo contest! These folks know how to enjoy life!

Growing in numbers every year, the local community supports the event with a pancake breakfast by the local First Baptist Church, and even lighting so you can see the trains at night!

Local lodging fills up fast, so you need to make reservations well in advance or bring your own RV and/or camping equipment. There are two cabooses that are right on the tracks and an old lineside house that’s been remodeled that you can stay in if you are lucky enough to get it booked.

You definitely need to put this on your bucket list! The Railwatch takes place the first Saturday in April and again in December each year.

Time to get down to Georgia and get your Bar-B-Q on!

Let us know if you have been lucky enough to attend this gathering and if you had a great time! We would love to hear your comments!

Music: Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys

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