Big Boy’s Little Cousin …3/4 Inch Replica

Big Boy’s Little Cousin …3/4 Inch Replica | Train Fanatics Videos

Big Boy has inspired steam enthusiasts big and small!

Big Boy, in this case, is a duplication of the most powerful, reliable steam locomotive ever built!

Perhaps one of the most duplicated engines the model train world, it is also a rare breed when it comes to live steam.

This enthusiast shows us what it is like to restart his live steam reproduction after 30 years in storage. Lovingly maintained, this old gal has enough oomph to take on engineer as he rides on the elevated track around this live steam yard.

The detail on this reproduction is second to none with the close up views of the drivers, gear boxes, forward 4 wheel truck, and lastly the bell!

Built on a 3/4 inch scale, this replica of Class 4000 4-8-8-4 road number 4025 applies the same principles and tolerances as the original Big Boy!.

Please share with us if you have seen a live steamer such as this modeled after Big Boy!

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