Astounding Model Railway In Czech Restaurant!

Astounding Model Railway In Czech Restaurant! | Train Fanatics Videos

Now this is what we like to call ‘Fine Dining’!

Move over train served sushi, Výtopna is barreling past you, and has no intention of looking back! Located in the Czech republic, Výtopna is a restaurant franchise with locations in Prague, Orlová, Brno and Ostrava. 

The very first Výtopna opened in Brno, Czech Republic, in 2009!

Customers are served by model trains that deliver beverages to each table via open transporter wagons! Used glasses may then be loaded back onto the mini freight locomotives as each tables train is individually controlled by staff. The miniature engines make realistic sounds based on the locomotives they are modeled after.

Quick facts about the model trains!

  • Size/design: 1:22.5 /G Scale
  • Locomotive size: 24–47 inch
  • Top speed: 12.4 mph
  • Durability: 310 000–434 000 model Miles

The model railroad is brilliantly detailed, and by no means stark, as is seen in this clip! Passing mountains, crossing bridges, traversing tunnels, and delivering beer, what more could anyone want!

Has anyone here visited any of the Výtopna locations in the Czech Republic? We’d love to hear about your experience there if you have!

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