Amtrak Blasts Railfan With Snow

Amtrak Blasts Railfan With Snow | Train Fanatics Videos

After a 20 inch snowfall, this railfan gets more than the bargained for!

This unsuspecting railfan gets blasted when this speeding Amtrak train comes barreling though the station!

The action happens quick and fast on this clip whereby the Amtrak train does not stop while traveling at high rate of speed just after a snowstorm blanketed the area. This station is located at Canton Junction, Massachusetts, which is renowned for its winter snowfall.

Flying snow can be very dangerous and it is best to stay well back when filming trains in snowy conditions.

This railfan was lucky he did not get hurt!

Note: He was on the center platform where there was another train in back of him speeding the opposite direction!

Let us know if like this video and if you think that he as too close!

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