NS Locomotive Blows Turbo Charger At Crossing!

NS Locomotive Blows Turbo Charger At Crossing! | Train Fanatics Videos

Norfolk Southern does a great imitation of a steam locomotive!

This Norfolk Southern locomotive located near Toledo, Ohio, blows a turbocharger allowing for a steam effect coming out of the second EMD SD-70 locomotive #2573.

Blown turbo engines are a common problem when the seals or gaskets get worn or crack.

The seals are made of rubber that is high heat resistant. When the seals become brittle over time, they crack and allow oil from inside the turbine to leak out. This is turn takes away the lubrication on the bearings which ultimately seize up and cause the smoke you see.

Note: About 1:25 into the clip you suddenly see the white/blue smoke pouring out of the second engine!

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: Norfolk Southern
  • Locomotive : Locomotive #2573
  • Power type: EMD SD70 diesel-electric
  • Builder: Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD)
  • Weight: 394,000 lbs
  • Horse power: 4000 hp

Let us know if you have seen a blown turbo up close! We would love to know your experience!

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