CSX And NS Mixed Freights Race At A Snails Pace

CSX And NS Mixed Freights Race At A Snails Pace | Train Fanatics Videos

You won’t have any trouble keeping up with these two freights!

This is a great overhead shot of two mixed freights coming directly towards you set against a lush green background!

Are they really racing? Maybe. Only the engineers know for sure.

But they are competing railroads, CSX and Norfolk Southern.

Note that they are using mixed power as well. The CSX line is also using a Southern Pacific locomotive. The Norfolk Southern line is also using a CSX locomotive behind it!

It seems that the railroads use each others power all the time. At the end of the year they compare hours of use and write a check to the railroad that is owed for locomotive time. The crew changes but the power stays on.

Another interesting observation is all of the used rail ties laying around on the side of the tracks!

Let us know you have ever seen two freights this close together going the same direction. We would love to hear your comments!

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