7 Locomotive CSX Freight Includes A Surprise!

7 Locomotive CSX Freight Includes A Surprise! | Train Fanatics Videos

Make no mistake, these are Purple locomotives that can scream down the tracks at 110 mph!

As locomotive units 6 and 7 of this CSX “lash up”, these new HSP46 locomotives are on their way to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, AKA the “T”.

Once in Boston, they will be part of the commuter train service. The cab of these locomotives is ergonomically designed with a spacious control desk style by industrial designer Cesar Vergara of the Vergarastudio.

The MBTA customers were asked to vote on four color schemes and this was the winning color.

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: CSX with MBTA locomotives in tow
  • Locomotive Name: MPI HSP46
  • Power type: Diesel-electric
  • Builder: MotivePower, Inc.
  • Locomoitve weight: 287,500 lbs
  • Horse power: 4650 hp
  • Maximum speed: 110 MPH

Let us know if you are a Boston commuter and have ridden the “T” with these new locomotives! We would love to hear about your experience!

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