Amazing Machine Lays Miles Of Track

Amazing Machine Lays Miles Of Track | Train Fanatics Videos

Track renewal and maintenance is a major part of keeping railroads safe!

Large maintenance machines, such as this one, make the job of keeping the rails and ballast (road bed) in top notch condition. These high performance machines operate in continuous working action.

A good functioning railway requires that the rails and sleepers (cross ties) in addition to the ballast ( the rocky roadbed ) be functioning properly.

The assembly-line method of the these machines shows the entire method whereby the old track is removed along with the old ties and the new track and ties are laid down.

Some of the jobs these machines can perform are:

  1. Tamping
  2. Ballast Distributing and profiling
  3. Ballast bed cleaning
  4. Track renewal and track laying
  5. Renewal and laying of turnouts
  6. Let us know if you have ever worked on or have seen one of these massive machines! We would love to hear your experience!

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