The Worlds Largest Garden Railroad… With Amazing Bridges!

The Worlds Largest Garden Railroad… With Amazing Bridges! | Train Fanatics Videos

G Scale Garden Railroads are fun to watch anytime!

No, you can’t see the locomotive in this clip. It is trainless, yet very entertaining!

The enterprising engineer of this train mounted a camera to front of this locomotive at the Dynamite Rio Verde and Eastern Garden Railway located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The video represents one lap around this huge outdoor layout set in the rugged desert just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

The mainline is some 2500 feet in length total and winds around really detailed canyons, trestles, rocks and cactus. Really well done!

There is approximately 3,800 feet of track sitting on a total of 3 acres!

At a cost of $7 per foot of track, you are looking at an investment of almost $27,000 in track alone!

The G scale (gauge) of these model railroad tracks:

  1. Gauge One scaled at 1:32 to model standard gauge trains in real life at 4 ft 8 1/2 inches
  2. G Scale / G Gauge 45mm (1.772 inches)
  3. H Scale at 1:24 used to model narrow gauge railroads at 3 ft 6 inches.

Take a moment to enjoy this ride through the beautiful desert ! Let us know if you have ever seen this spectacular layout in person. We would love to hear about your experience!

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