The “All-Terrain Train!” Minneapolis Steam Traction Engine

The “All-Terrain Train!” Minneapolis Steam Traction Engine | Train Fanatics Videos

The only thing missing are the tracks!

We know, it’s not a train, but it sounds like one and it huffs and puffs like one!

What is it?
It’s a vintage early 1900’s Minneapolis-Moline traction engine!

Note the wood pieces in the red tender barrels on the back of the machine as well as the red water barrel mounted on the front of the engine.

Used as a rugged piece of farming equipment, these machine were tough and could take a lot of punishment.

The Minneapolis-Moline Company (MMC) was a large tractor and machinery producer based in Minnesota. The tractor division was born out of the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company that was first established in 1888. Nearly 500 of these traction engines were produced in 1893.

This tractor has :

  1. 85 inch diameter real wheels and 40 inch diameter front wheels!
  2. Weighs from 21,000 to 32,000 lbs!
  3. Rated at 24 horsepower!
  4. Has a firebox designed to burn coal, wood, or straw! (The firebox was designed to accommodate a rack for burning straw!)

Wait till you hear the drive blow the whistle half way up the hill!

Let us know if you have ever seen any of these antiques! We would really love to know about your experience!

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