Go Pro Mounted Down At Wheel Level!

Go Pro Mounted Down At Wheel Level! | Train Fanatics Videos

Getting creative with your Go Pro can yield some really amazing footage!

Amazing track level video of driver wheel action on this short run of track!

Seen from the undercarriage of the this Czech built BDZ 44 electric locomotive, you can easily see the interaction of the wheels, trucks and springs as they react to the rails, ballast and sleepers on this short journey.

The BDZ 44 and 45 are owned by the Bulgarian State Railways, and are the work horses of the electric locomotives. Bulgarian State Railways operates 2600 miles of track, over half of which is electrified! Their railway stretches from the Black Sea up to Eastern Bulgaria.

The BDZ 44 was built by the Skoda Works in Czechoslovakia in the 1970’s thru 1980’s.

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