WMSR #1309 Old Fashioned Smoke Display

WMSR #1309 Old Fashioned Smoke Display | Train Fanatics Videos

WMSR #1309 is back on the rails after 65 years!

After a long hibernation on static display at the B&O Railroad Museum, the original #1309 articulated locomotive was purchased by the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad in 1972. The restoration was completed and the now rebranded WMSR #1309 entered excursion service in December of 2021.

WMSR #1309 is a powerful articulated compound steam locomotive and was the last steam locomotive ever built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works.

During her working days for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, the #1309 locomotive was ordered to pull heavy coal trains in the mountains if West Virginia.

Quick Facts about Western Maryland’s #1309

  • Rail Line:Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
  • Driver diameters:. 56 inches
  • Power type: 2-6-6-2 Steam Locomotive Class H-6 Mallet type
  • Builder: Baldwin Locomotives Works 1949
  • Fuel:soft Coal 15 short tons
  • Locomotive weight: 434,900 lbs
  • Wheel arragement: Chesapeake

Let us know if you have had the opportunity to see this beast in action. We would love to hear about your experience.

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