Unusual Railbike Journey

Unusual Railbike Journey | Train Fanatics Videos

Some of these trestles are over 280 feet high!

Forget everything else you’ve seen, this is the ultimate railbike journey!

These guys are following the old abandoned Camas Prairie Railroad short line in central Idaho. Originally 150 miles long, the line was built back in 1908 by two competing railroads. Since it was not economically feasible for just one railroad to built it, a deal was struck by Union Pacific and Northern Pacific to build in both directions meeting in the middle, much like Promontory Point in Utah.

With permission from the now defunct railroad, these were most likely the last railbikers to navigate the somewhat perilous tracks that were left. Much of the tracks seen in this video are now gone.

During its heyday, the Camas Prairie Railroad carried passengers, freight and ore through the picturesque terrain.

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