Engineering Marvel: Joso High Bridge

Engineering Marvel: Joso High Bridge | Train Fanatics Videos

The Snake River poses no obstacle to this Union Pacific freight!

Built back in 1914, this Warren deck truss bridge spans the Snake River connecting Walla Walla, Washington and Franklin County, Washington.

At first glance, you’re unable to tell just how massive this 3,920 foot expanse is, towering over the Snake River at a staggering 260 feet!

Since no two truss bridges are built the same, this load bearing truss bridge is constructed in triangular units with 24 steel tower supports!

When the roadbed is sitting on top of the truss it is called a “Warren deck truss”due to the design.

The towers in the river are set 65 feet below the riverbed!

Truss designed bridges are some of the oldest types of modern bridges. Truss bridges proved economical to build because they used materials efficiently.

The construction of this bridge cost 2 million dollars back in 1914 and shaved 52 miles and 4 1/2 hours off the line that connected Portland, Oregon to Spokane, Washington.

Let us know if you have seen the Joso High Bridge or have actually had a chance to ride across this architectural wonder! We would love to hear your comments!

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