Union Pacific’s #3985 Full Throttle In Nebraska!

Union Pacific’s #3985 Full Throttle In Nebraska! | Train Fanatics Videos

Just listen to the mechanics of the beautiful locomotive High Balling at full throttle!

This is an exciting video of Union Pacific’s Challenger Class #3985 barreling through the Nebraska countryside on her way to Union Pacific shops in Cheyenne, Wyoming. As part of Union Pacific’s heritage collection, the #3985 is for excursion trains and occasionally mainline freight. Among other duties, the #3985 is also utilized to pull the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train on occasion.

In this fast moving clip, the locomotive is being “chased” which allows you to see some really exciting action of the drivers and wheels. Moving at approximately 70 miles per hour, all 1,073,900 lbs of her is an impressive sight!

Originally a coal burner, the UP volunteers converted the locomotive from coal burning to oil in order to avoid the sparks and fire danger that coal produced along side the tracks.

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: Union Pacific
  • Train Name: UP Steam Locomotive 3985
  • Power type: 4-6-6-4 Articulated Steam Locomotive
  • Builder: American Locomotive Company
  • Train type: Freight/Passenger
  • Location: Cheyenne Depot, Wyoming
  • Boiler Pressure: 280lbf/in
  • Maximum Speed: 70 Miles per hour

Let us know if you’ve ever taken a ride on the Union Pacific 3985 or a train like this let us know in the comments below! Would love to hear your experience on historic train.

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