Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 Colorado Run

Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 Colorado Run | Train Fanatics Videos

Is Big Boy the most photographed steam locomotive of all time?

As part of the inaugural tour , Big Boy 4014 is shown pacing from Limon to Denver, Colorado.

The Big Boy class locomotive was conceived to eliminate the need to double head locomotives when hauling long freight trains up the Wasatch Mountains.

Union Pacific
originally ordered 20 class 4000 engines in 1941 and then 5 more in 1944 at $265,174 per engine. Adjusted for inflation, it is estimated that this would have totaled a whopping $107,620,056 or more in today’s dollars, each engine individually running $4,304,802!

Union Pacific Big Boys stats:

  • Operated from 1941-59
  • Bearing full load weighed a total of 1.2 million pounds
  • Only 25 ever made
  • 4-8-8-4 configuration
  • Top speed of 80 Mph

Let us know if you have had the opportunity to view Big Boy up close. We would love to hear about your experience!

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