Big Boy G Scale Backyard Railroad

Big Boy G Scale Backyard Railroad | Train Fanatics Videos

How dedicated can you get to Big Boy?

G Scale Railroad – the letter G is short for garden and this layout does exactly that! It goes through the garden, over and under fences, and around curves using the articulated front truck just like the real thing.

This layout is truly a labor of love while trying to keep the backyard as functional as possible including the garden!

The G scale (gauge) of these model railroad tracks:

  1. Gauge One scaled at 1:32 to model standard gauge trains in real life at 4 ft 8 1/2 inches
  2. G Scale / G Gauge 45mm (1.772 inches)
  3. H Scale at 1:24 used to model narrow gauge railroads at 3 ft 6 inches.
  4. Our eyes are glued to this fantastic layout!

    If you have or are a backyard rail enthusiast, please let us know your comments!

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