Triple Header Of Steam And Smoke

Triple Header Of Steam And Smoke | Train Fanatics Videos

The Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia puts on quite a display!

Where can you see 3 different classes of geared locomotives under steam at one time?

Here we have #5 Shay (90 tons built in 1905), #6 Shay (weighing in at 162 tons) , and #11 Shay (103 tons) geared type locomotives side by side. Originally ordered to serve as log haulers for the West Virginia Pulp and Pager Company back in 1901, the direct drive design of these locomotives was well served to handle the temporary twisting tracks laid down to run the felled lumber out of the forest.

There were 2,770 Shays built by Lima Machine Works between 1800 – 1944. The Climax Manufacturing Company built over 1,100 Climax locomotives between 1888 and 1928. Finally, Heisler Locomotive Works built more than 600 geared locomotives between 1891 – 1929.

All of the geared locomotives had no driver wheels. They transmitted power directly to the drive shaft running the front and rear trucks.

The town of Cass is still going strong thanks to tourism and the attraction that these locomotives create. The town is restored with plank walkways, buildings and of course their prized railroad attraction!

Let us know you if you have ever been to the Cass Scenic Railroad! We would love to hear about your experience!

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