Realistic 4K Action On A Bachmann K-27

Realistic 4K Action On A Bachmann K-27 | Train Fanatics Videos

How many angles and camera shots can you get on a Garden Railroad?

Fantastic photography is used in this hi def video on fantastic backyard layout!

You see a cab view, driver wheel view down below, and a shot from the rear.

It totally makes you feel like you are on board!

There are two locomotives seen here. A Bachmann K-27 AND Consolidation 2-8-0. The whole layout has incorporated state of the art Phoenix sound and AirWire 900 controls.

The entire layout has so much attention to detail, even down to to color and aging of the engines, sidings and assorted trackside buildings.

The Bachmann K-27 measures 38 inches long including the tender.

This locomotive is representative of the early Denver & Rio Grande Railroad when they ordered 15 of these 2-8-2 narrow gauge locomotives back in 1903. The were eventually nicknamed “mudhens” by their crews due to way they sort of waddled down the track while moving along.

Let us know if you have a backyard railroad! We would love to hear your thoughts!

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