Bouncy Ride In This Spreader

Bouncy Ride In This Spreader | Train Fanatics Videos

Wear a helmet if you going to work in the cab of this machine!

While working to clear the track, the engineer can hardly be seen behind the massive blades parting the snow as the spreader is boosted along.

“The ride can be quite bumpy as the blades take on the snow pitching the spreader back and forth.”

It must be quite a ride sitting behind the center window!

This particular spreader is one of the series with the small middle cab forward. She also has, by spreader standards, a medium blade, broken wing, and hydraulic brace locks.

Some of duties performed are:

  • Plows and spreads snow or ballast
  • Cuts ice from tracks
  • Front plow clears in “V” formation or as a straight plow to the left or the right
  • Made of heavy construction with low center of gravity

Most spreaders and sleds are pushed by one or multiple locomotives to achieve high traction and speed for max plowing effectiveness.

Let us know if you have seen snow spreaders in action! We would to hear about your experience!

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