Oldschool Stuff – 1954 Freight Train A-Z

Oldschool Stuff – 1954 Freight Train A-Z | Train Fanatics Videos

You will definitely learn something about railroading!

This is some awesome vintage footage of some EMD units with their new 567 engines in them getting ready for a days work hauling freight from Kansas City to Chicago.

Many of the principals of train assembly shown still apply today, although computers and GPS have changed some of the things that were done manually.

Trains are still scheduled, inspected and assembled including hump yards in some cases.

Some of the personnel shown are:

  • Conductor
  • yard master
  • engineer
  • fireman
  • brakemen

Nowadays, the caboose has been replaced with electric sensors to monitor the end of train and gives the engineer information including GPS to shown when the last car has passed a certain point.

Let us know if you have ever worked in a rail yard. We would love to hear about you experience!

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