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All we need here is ballast:

  1. A bed of stones, gravel, or cinders on which the track is laid.
  2. New rails.
  3. New ties.

This clip is shot with great perspective in High Definition to capture the coming and going of this freight which looks awesome on full screen mode.


As you look down the track with the camera in zoom mode, you can see the cars bobbing and weaving back and forth on a horribly maintained track.

You can hear the creak and grind of the wheels and springs trying to deal with uneven rails as they pass by at slow speed.

While work continues on the cleanup of the Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad, over 50 years of neglect has resulted in this pretty amazing video.

This short line railroad was the victim of multiple mergers and bankruptcies over the years and the neglect shows. Much of the 53 mile long stretch of rail is built over Ohio’s Great Black Swamp and is in poor state of repair. The current rated load capacity of the track is supposed to be 263,000 lbs.

The Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad, a subsidiary of Pioneer Railcorp, runs the line between Woodburn, Indiana and Liberty Center, Ohio.

Track maintenance and repair is currently being carried out including cutting brush, trees, and vegetation which is overgrown all along the route. Plenty of spike pulling from decayed ties and rail replacement along with tie replacement is needed.

In the meantime, it is slow going for this GP10 locomotive over what used to be the mainline Wabash Railroad.

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad
  • Locomotive: EMD GP 10
  • Power type: Diesel-electric
  • Builder: General Motors’ Electro-Motive Division
  • Train type: Freight
  • Weight: 254,000 lbs

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