Train Makes A Wave Dangerously Close To People

Train Makes A  Wave Dangerously Close To People | Train Fanatics Videos

Standing water cannot hold up against 107 tons of diesel locomotive!

Unbelievable shot of this commuter train BLASTING through standing water in Buenos Aires, Argentina! The engineer absolutely cannot see ahead through this huge splash of water created.

A recent downpour fills a gully in the suburbs where the tracks are located just prior to this huge EMD GT22 locomotive pushing enough water into the air to fill dozens of swimming pools!

The San martin line is a commuter line between Pilar and Buenos Aires, Argentina. While it is dire need of repairs in some places like the one seen on this video, it still manages to serve approximately 36 million passengers per year.

We wonder if the people riding in the coaches can feel anything at all when the engine plows into this man made lake?

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: San Martin Line
  • Train Name: EMD GT22 CW
  • Power type: Diesel Electric
  • Builder: General Motors Diesel
  • Train type: Freight/Passenger
  • Location: Buenos Aires
  • Weather conditions: Raining

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