The New River Bridge In Tennessee

The New River Bridge In Tennessee | Train Fanatics Videos

The New River Bridge is the tallest bridge in Tennessee!

The 3-span Warren deck truss bridge was built to avoid the steep incline, tunnels and fault lines of Cincinnati Southern’s “Rathole” line. It was completed in 1963.

The New River Bridge has one main Warren cantilever section over the river channel, and is flanked 3 girder approach spans on both ends. The center cantilever stands on two hollow piers which are as wide apart as the bridge is high at 392 feet.

Quick facts about New River Bridge

  • Rail Lines Served: originally built for the Cincinnati Southern Railway, Norfolk Southern Railway, and The Southern Railway
  • Builder: American Bridge Company
  • Height: 389 feet
  • Deck Width: 10 feet
  • Bridge length: 1068 feet
  • Bridge Type: Warren deck truss bridge

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