The Keddie Wye

The Keddie Wye | Train Fanatics Videos

Bridges, tunnels, trestles, beautiful scenery, it’s all here!

The Feather River Route includes:

  1. The 7334 foot long Spring Garden Tunnel.
  2. The Williams loop.
  3. The Clio Trestle.
  4. The Tobin Twin Bridges
  5. The Pulga over and under Bridges.
  6. The fantastic Keddie Wye.

The Feather River Route was finished in 1909 and spanned a total 927 miles at a cost of $75 million dollars to build!

Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California, the Feather River Route is north of Truckee, California and the infamous Donner Pass. Known for the natural scenic beauty of the area, the line extends east to west across Butte and Plumas Counties.

Let us know if you have ever ridden through this area or have had the chance to engineer a train. We love to hear from you!

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