The Conical Design Of Train Wheels

The Conical Design Of Train Wheels | Train Fanatics Videos

Who knew that something as simple looking as a train wheel would be this ingenious in its design?

In a mind boggling moment of genius, the train wheel itself was created to solve all kinds of railroading problems without the need for extra gears and shafts in order to control the train.

The conical designed wheel design that was originally patented in the 1830’s.

As the wheels slip to one side, the outside wheel starts riding on a larger diameter and the inside wheel does the opposite. Since both are rotating at the same speed, the larger effective diameter wheel tries to travel a greater distance and steers the assemble back to center. Basic geometry.

Due to their conical design, having the wheels firmly attached to axles means the same differential action caused by the conical shape would also cause the wheels to actively steer back to the center of the track if the wheels were shifted off-center.

What a brilliant idea. The flange is only there to help keep the wheels on the track.

Let us know what you think of the this conical idea. We would love to hear your opinion……

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