TGV Hi Speed Train Disrupts Bicycle Race!

TGV Hi Speed Train Disrupts Bicycle Race! | Train Fanatics Videos

TGV hi speed train cuts the Paris to Roubaix 2015 cyclist racing pack in half!

Witness unbelievable stupidity as the the cyclists go around, under and through the downed crossing gates as the hi speed train approaches!

Guess you could call it “winning” if you make it across in time?

What would happen if one slipped or fell colliding with the barrier? Guess this is why it is always better to be at the front of the pack!

SNCF,(the French parent company of TGV), spokesman Christophe Piednoel said “the train and the riders, who were 10 minutes ahead of schedule because of a strong tail wind, were not supposed to arrive at the crossing at the same time!

Paris to Roubaix 2015 Bicycle Race

  • Date 4/12/2015
  • Winner- John Degenkolb of Germany
  • Start/finish: Compiègne to Roubaix
  • Distance 253.5 kilometres (157 miles)

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