CP Freight On Pickering Trestle

CP Freight On Pickering Trestle | Train Fanatics Videos

Ontario’s Pickering Train Trestle in winter provides great railfan photos!

Pickering, located in Southern Ontario, Canada, provided the perfect backdrop for this drone flight in the dead of winter!

Extra skill and maneuvering were needed to cope with cross winds to get these fantastic shots!

At 2:19 into the clip, you see the colorful intermodal freight crossing the trestle against the the dark, frozen, colorless winters day. You can even see the blades from the quad copter a couple of times during the adventure!

This railfan enhanced the photography even further by setting the music of “The Good Assembly” ( a local band from Ottawa in Ontario, Canada) and their song “Far Away” which describes the feeling from the view above.

The locomotives are Canadian Pacifics:

  1. GE AC4400CW’s
  2. Weigh 426,000 lbs
  3. Have 4400 horse power each

Let us know if you like drone photography of trains or are a fan of rail side shot only! We’d love to hear your comments!

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