Somewhere In The Snow Is An SD45T-2 EMD Locomotive!

Somewhere In The Snow Is An SD45T-2 EMD Locomotive! | Train Fanatics Videos

More great snow plow action! Always a railfan favorite!

The Kyle Railroad runs through North Eastern Kansas into Eastern Colorado on the great plains. Always a great spot to see snow plows in action!

These railfans caught a great shot of nothing but snow being pushed up by the sled in front of the EMD SD45-2 locomotive. Plowing the line does not allow for much visibility by the engineers in the cab, but the job gets done! Stretching over 561 miles, the Kyle Railroad handles mostly agricultural products and construction materials.

The engineers have to be careful when pushing a snow sled. Too fast, the front bogie derails. Too slow, and the sled stalls.

The EMD SD45-2 locomotive:

  • has a tractive effort of 92,000 lbf @ 9 mph
  • has 3,600 horse power
  • maximum speed of 70 mph
  • weighs over 388,000 lbs

Let us know if you have seen one of these snow sleds in action! We would love to hear about your experience!

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