Santa Fe Warbonnet F7

Santa Fe Warbonnet F7 | Train Fanatics Videos

Warbonnet is a classic paint scheme for this Santa Fe locomotive!

The F7 diesel locomotives were the best selling cab unit of all time for the Electro Motor Division of General Motors Diesel Division.

Seen here are two of such locomotives on an special excursion put on by the Galveston Railroad Museum and BNSF Railway. Called The Texas Chief, the excursion show cased the Santa Fe version of the F7 in the beautiful color scheme of the Super Chief Warbonnet!

Quick facts about the F7

  1. Units built: 2392 cab-equipped A units and 1463 cabless-booster units B
  2. Builder: EMD DIVISION of General Motors 1949-1953
  3. Locomotive power: 1500 hp
  4. Tractive effort: starting at 56,500 lbf
  5. Locomotive weight: 247,300 lbs
  6. Purpose: mixed freight and fast passenger service
  7. Maximum speed: 65-102 MPH

If you’ve ever seen a F7 on the high iron. We would love to hear your comments!

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