Logging Railroad Built On Logs

Logging Railroad Built On Logs | Train Fanatics Videos

The Nyubskaya forest narrow-gauge railway!

  • It is a real mystery how the track holds it gauge when built on logs!
  • This unbelievable forest railway was opened 1934 in Arkhangelsk Oblast. It is approximately 31 miles in length and runs year round. At one point, the railway was 191 miles in length and has a narrow gauge of 2 feet 5 inches.

    It is a logging railroad that is built on the same product is hauls…..logs!

    The logging operations require tracks that can be temporary in nature and can withstand the marsh like conditions that regular truck traffic cannot. The train uses smaller flat cars to haul the felled lumber.

    Besides operation regular freight services from Kharitonovo, it hauls felled logs and forestry workers to and from operation sights.

    Everyone works there including Russians and non Russians and many locals have their own rail trolleys to get back and forth between distant towns.

    This railway can be quite unforgiving in the harsh Russian winters !

    Let us know if you have ever seen a logging railroad like this. We would love to hear about your experience!

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