A Real Backyard Railroad

A Real Backyard Railroad | Train Fanatics Videos

Stewartstown Railroad slices through back yards!

Located between Stewartstown and New Freedom, Pennsylvania, Big Jim Video shows us why rail speeders are so popular. Filmed as a slow mo journey, the rail speeder inches through all kinds of back yard scenarios.
Imagine growing up with your own railroad in the back yard!

The Stewartstown Railroad (STRT) was founded way back in 1884, and is considered one of the oldest continually operating railroads in the country. It is what is known as a shortline railroad (7.4 miles) long and served mostly farmers and some small manufacturers in its heyday.

Today, you can take an excursion behind “#9 Mighty Mo”, a 1943 Plymouth switcher locomotive pulling some renovated coaches.

Let us know if you have ever weaved your way though this 7 mile journey. We would love to hear about your experience!

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