Railroad Crossing! Stop, Look, And Listen!

Railroad Crossing! Stop, Look, And Listen! | Train Fanatics Videos

Red crossing lights are everywhere!

This is a great clip of how crossing gates should be displayed at night for everyone’s safety!

A 4 lane intersection in Bloomington, Minnesota, provides a great opportunity to see the function of the gates as this light rail train comes through.

You might think that it is overkill, but most folks believe it is not. These gates are full bridge cantilevers spanning a wide area on both sides of the tracks.

The surprise on this clip is the when the photographer swings his camera to the parking garage on his right showing more gates of the Mall of America and then back to the main intersection.

Only one company makes these folding gates to our knowledge and it is Western Cullen Hayes. They make the wishbone-style gates made out of either wood (which is what the old and obsolete wishbone-style gates were made of) or fiberglass.

Let us know if you have a light show like this in your town! We would love to see the photos!

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