Heritage Steamers Pull The Grade In New South Wales!

Heritage Steamers Pull The Grade In New South Wales! | Train Fanatics Videos

Locomotives #3801 and #3830 work their way up the grade towards Thirlmere in New South Wales, Australia!

In this clip, both of these Class C38 Pacific type locomotives are part of the Thirlmere Train Museum rolling stock and were ordered by the New South Wales Government Railways back in 1943.

Their strong suit was their capacity for sustained high speed along with their acceleration and hill climbing abilities.

Maximum speed for these locomotives was 70 mph.

In a typical run from Newcastle to Sydney, they would consume approximatley 4.5 tons of coal!

Built by the Clyde Engineering Company, these C38 Class Pacific Locomotives are:

  1. Class C38 “Pacific” 4-6-2 locomotives
  2. dates in service #3801 (1943) and #3830 (1949)
  3. Driver diameters 69 inches
  4. locomotive weight – 195 tons
  5. tractive efforts – 36,200 lbf

Do you think the nosecone of #3801 has the distinct appearance of the airplane?

Let us know what you think! We would love to hear your comments!

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