Unexpected Washout Derails Train!

Unexpected Washout Derails Train! | Train Fanatics Videos

Everything seemed to be going just as scheduled for this engine and its crew, up until the last corner the train would take that day!

A front mounted camera caught it all, as the train proceeds forward and encounters a washed-out portion of the track!

The weight of the train just did not allow for it to stop on time!

Already more than too late for the crew to salvage the situation, when the train began crossing the unsupported railing, the engines weight causes the rail underneath to buckle, and forces the engine to  dip harshly, causing a derailment!

Because the track itself was not broken, just the washed-out ground below it, a signal circuit did not detect an error, so there was no signal sent to the engineer prior to reaching the now defunct section of rail. Had that occurred it may have allowed the train enough time to decelerate and come to a full stop, preventing the derailment!

Have you ever seen a washout in person? If so let us know!

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