Truck “Rail Riding” In Australia

Truck “Rail Riding” In Australia | Train Fanatics Videos

“LIV” (light rail inspection vehicle) could be a lot of fun.

With permission of Australian Nation Railways, the inspection vehicle gets the job done.

You get to see this amazing vehicle crank it up as he speeds down the tracks outside of Nullarbor, Australia.

The topography for Australia is commonly flat and straight was desolate areas of beauty. It is not uncommon for certain railways in Australia to go for hundreds of miles without any curves at all!

Known as a hi-rail workman’s utility vehicle, this vehicle is equipped with an 8000SX “Ultrasonic Flaw Analysis System” made by Rail Technology International. This vehicle is equipped to detect railflaws, weld assessments, and metallurgical analysis.

Let us know if you have had a chance to “ride the rails”! We would love to hear about your experience!

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