Pacing Iowa Interstate Railroad QJ #7081

Pacing Iowa Interstate Railroad QJ #7081 | Train Fanatics Videos

The fireman is actually in the tender shoveling coal!

The Iowa InterState Railroad purchased two of these locomotives from China back in 2006.

Volunteers came from all over the United States to help with the modifications and certifications needed for the locomotives to run on American rails.

Americanized items included replacement of the Chinese headlights with a cast number plate under it. Additionally, an American whistle was installed.

Maximum speed for the QJ #7081 is 50 mph on a standard gauge track of 4 ft 8 1/2 inches. Her tractive effort is 63,235 lbf compared to 97,350 lbf of Union Pacific’s 3985 Challenger type steam locomotive.

Some quick facts on the QJ #7081

  • wheel configuration 2-10-2
  • driver diameters – 59 inches
  • total weight – 133.3 tons
  • maximum speed – 50 mph

Let us know if you have ever had the opportunity to see this locomotive barreling down the line. We would love to hear about your experience!

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