LMS Staniers Class Black 5’s Double Up

LMS Staniers Class Black 5’s Double Up | Train Fanatics Videos

London Midland And Scottish Railway double up their Black Fives!

Known as the “Black Fives”, these two locomotives 44871 and 45407 are seen here tearing up the countryside through Shap, Beattock, Sough and Copy Pit.

The Black Fives were designed as a utility locomotive in 1934 to help with express passenger service as well as freight.

Over 842 were built between 1934 and 1954!

The term “Black Fives” was given to all of the locomotives delivered with the black paint scheme and the classification of power of 5. All of the locomotives produced were given power classifications of 0-9 and letters P (for passenger) and/or F (for freight).

Some quick facts about the Black Fives

  • Build date: 44871 – 1945 – Crew Works
  • Build date: 45407 – 1937 – Armstrong Whitworth
  • Wheel configuration – 4-6-0
  • Locomotive weight – 72.2 long tons
  • fuel – coal
  • driver wheel diameters – 6 Feet
  • Classification – LMS 5P5F

Let us know if you have taken a ride behind one or both of these classic locomotives! We would love to hear about your experience!

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