Oregon’s Crooked River Bridge From Above

Oregon’s Crooked River Bridge From Above | Train Fanatics Videos

Stunning aerial views combined with soothing music!

The Crooked River Bridge is located in southern Jefferson County and stands 320 feet above the river below. Built back in 1911 as a steel arch riveted structure, the bridge was designed by Ralph Modjeski, who also designed the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

The actual span of the bridge is 340 feet across with the total length being 460 feet. It was built by cantilevering it out from both sides of the canyon at the same time. Construction consisted of lowering all steel needed for the bridge by derrick to the bottom of the canyon and then having men go down rope ladders to attach the steel beams to cables in ordered to hoist them back up again as they were needed!

The most amazing thing was that the bridge opened to train traffic when only half of the rivets were installed!

Let us know if you have traveled across the The Crooked River Canyon either by car or train. We would love to hear about your experience!

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