Norfolk Southern Hauls Maintenance Of Way Equipment!

Norfolk Southern Hauls Maintenance Of Way Equipment! | Train Fanatics Videos

An impressive amount of railroad maintenance equipment is needed to keep the trains running!

This is a rare jaw dropping display of tons of “maintenance of way” equipment being transported though Fostoria, Ohio, by Norfolk Southern.

It is hard to keep track of all of the different kinds of machines and equipment loaded onto what they call a “Camp Train”. The “Camp Train” includes camp cars which the rail crews live and sleep in as well as an old heavy weight dining car!

Some of the equipment seen on this train includes:

  1. Anchor Machines
  2. Ballast Regulators
  3. Cribbers
  4. Clip Machines
  5. Spike driving/pulling machines
  6. Rail lifters/plate inserters
  7. Tampers
  8. Tie equipment
  9. Tie pluggers and drills

Let us know if you work on the railroad and have slept in one of these “camp cars” or have seen a “camp train” such as this in your area. We would love hear about your experience!

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