First-hand Tour Inside And Out Of UP’s Big Boy #4006!

First-hand Tour Inside And Out Of UP’s Big Boy #4006! | Train Fanatics Videos

Ever wanted to see the inside of Union Pacific’s Big Boy? Well here is your chance!

The Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri has had the proud distinction of being a place called home for Union Pacific’s 4-8-8-4 4000 class #4006! Seeing any Big Boy in the flesh is an experience in its own right and if you’re lucky enough to have seen one, you have the envy of many railfans!

The engine carried 33 tons of coal and 25,000 gallons of water in its tender!

#4006 however allows railfans one more luxury that many do not normally get to experience: the ability to enter the engines cab, and see the insides of one of the most amazing steam locomotives ever constructed!

#4006 built in 1941, cost $265,000 to build, almost 4.3 million dollars today with inflation!

Unfortunately St. Louis, Missouri is a trip not all can make, so Youtuber and railfan RamblinAround, was kind enough to take us with him on this full tour of Big Boy #4006! We get to see the outside in all its glory, and of course the coveted cab, where 4006’s old engineers and conductors would operate this amazing machine!

The inside tour starts at about 2:23!

Have you had the opportunity to visit The Museum of Transportation in St Louis? We’d love for you to share any photos you took, or stories you have of your time there!

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