Norfolk Disappearing Act Into Gallitzin Tunnel

Norfolk Disappearing Act Into Gallitzin Tunnel | Train Fanatics Videos

Located just outside of Gallitzin, Pennsylvania, is the a series of 3 tunnels dating back to 1851 in their construction.

The Gallitzin Tunnels, as they are known, were built as a passage through the Allegheny Mountains in Western Pennsylvania.

At the east end of the Allegheny tunnel shown here is the famous Horseshoe Curve.

Of the three tunnels constructed, two were converted to double track intermodal service and the third was shut down completely in 1994.

Some quick facts about the Gallitzin Tunnels:

  1. 1st tunnel built was the “Summit Tunnel” for the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1851-1854 with a length of 3612 feet. It is now called the Allegheny Tunnel.
  2. 2nd tunnel built was the New Portage Tunnel 1852-1855 with a length of 1620 feet.
  3. 3rd tunnel built is called the Gallitzin Tunnel built in 1902-1904 just north of the Allegheny Tunnel with a length of 3612 feet and was never converted to intermodal traffic. It was taken out of service in 1994.

Let us know if you have ever had the chance to pass though these tunnels on Amtrak. We would lover to hear about your experience!

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